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2012-05-11 03:53:02 by Babay

Everyone loves THEM! Or them!


The consentration of hateful..

2012-02-24 21:59:58 by Babay

I am a blasphemer, sexist, hate frenchmen and despise the gingers.. And perhaps as a punishment I had THIS horror dream. She was lookin right in my soul for the whole fucking night!

Twitter & me...

2012-01-22 22:28:11 by Babay

Of course Twitter is a good way to express something fast in a short form.
But most twitts are nagging and crying, stupid thoughts and other boring stuff.. no on cares..
However there is something in this shit that attracts us.. And it looks like THIS!

Tantric masturbation!

2012-01-14 09:10:33 by Babay

Tantric masturbation is a good way for lonely people to get infinity pleasure. So if you want to acquire this technique - ask this guy, he knows how not to cum! His masturbation is endless.

Can't stop watching? ;/

Hallo, World! I Hate You!)

2012-01-05 05:00:08 by Babay

So be ready for rave!